What’s your favorite thing about Monday?

Actually, I know only a few people would have the will to ask this, well, maybe optimistic people would, but 98% of the world would probably just say “MONDAY SUCKS!” and 97% would probably respond with, “I KNOW, RIGHT?”.

But really, what do we really love about Mondays?

I know all of us can’t deny the fact that even though Monday seems like the worst day ever, we experienced this “I CAN’T WAIT FOR MONDAY” syndrome, well, either your birthday, a someone special’s birthday, payday, anniversary, monthsary was on a monday, you’d probably experience that. Well, for me, as a student, the most favorite thing that happens on a Monday is that I get to receive my weekly allowance on that day. *evil grin*

Though, we can’t deny the fact that Monday is indeed a tiring day since we still haven’t moved on with the fact that we sleep endlessly during the weekends, lucky you if you get to fully sleep on a Saturday and also grab the chance to snooze-till-you-get-dizzy on a Sunday. We don’t really have any choice but to accept that after Sunday, it’s Monday. You’d probably also hate Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday if they were the days after Sunday, right?

Well, Just a simple thought. 😉



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First time to be absent

Ever since the day I stepped in to college life, I never got the chance to be absent, well, maybe I was just this good student who really makes an effort to be present on a daily basis. Though, yesterday, I had a fever so I really have to cut my classes, but I wasn’t worrying about anything yesterday because my afternoon classes only consists of minor subjects, atleast I was able to attend my major subject in the morning. But today, I decided to cut my classes for the whole day. 😦

I sooooo have a lot of worries in my mind. Just like how on earth am I going to secure an excuse slip, there’s a return demo tomorrow on Catheterization and I missed two quizzes already.


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No beach resort has ever treated me like a crushed tin can that’s being kicked on the streets.

I swear puputok na ang atrial chambers ko sa galit. This Blue Jaz Beach Resort in Samal Island is a new resort. So, kami naman ng friends ko, excited pumunta dun. Their place sounds fun just by the stories I’ve heard from my sources. So far, di pa naman ako nakarinig ng negative feedback sa kanila. So we went there awhile ago. We really enjoyed there until everything turned out wrong..

When we went there, we asked the front desk about their water sport. May friend na kasi akong nakapunta dun and sabi niya may water tubing thingy na water sport and we are excited to try it ourselves. Pero my God, when we went there to inquire, ang sabi samin nung front desk..


With what the crew said, na-shock ko. I mean, customer kami tapos kami pa ang cocontact sa WIND AND WAVE?! So dahil chill pa kami, we decided to borrow their landline and kami na lang ang tumawag. Pero nobody’s answering the phone so we decided to call them later ang tried the slides.

Okay naman yung slides nila. Water slide raw.. pero sobrang literal. but it was fun anyway. I think yun lang ang thing na nagustuhan ko dun sa resort. Afterwards, hungy na kami and it was nearly lunch time. So we went back to the front desk and tried to contact the Wind and Wave again and asked the crew to give us the menu. My God, hindi kami pinansin! We were like stupid people there waiting for nothing. Mas inuna pa nila yung bagong dating na mga matatanda na na medyo sosyal ang dating. I was really pissed off na kasi ang judgemental naman ng mga crew nila.

We may be teenagers but we sure have a lot of dough with us that time. Tingin nila wala kaming pera pambayad? Kahit doblehin pa namin bayad ang entrance fee nila, walang problema. Saka pa kami binigyan ng menu nung nagalit na ako kasi di kami pinansin.

After nun, nobody would even care to get our orders! So sobrang galit na talaga ako kasi hindi talaga kami pinapansin na parang as if di kami nagbayad! Err. Then may lumapit na na waiter who was really really RUDE. AS in R-U-D-E and wala naman kaming ginawa sa kanya ah. After nun, my friend asked him..

sabi naman nung GG na waiter..

What the.. “PWEDE RIN?!”.. Umabot na sa boiling point ang dugo ko. Sobrang sarap na ihampas ang tray sa mukha niya. But I’m educated, so i didn’t do it. Then we asked if we could bring the menu sa beachfront kasi the yaya of my friend is there and we have to let her see the menu so that she could decide kung anong gusto niya kanin..
alam niyo anong sabi ng waiter??


So, sila pa ang customers ngayon?! Kami pa ang utusan?! WTF. FTW. ERR.

After nun, we told the waiter to go down kasi we really have to bring the menu sa beachfront and I DONT CARE kung galit man yung taong yun. Binayaran namin yun. Wala siyang karapatan ganunin kami.

And I almost forgot something.. We decided to wear sleeveless tops sa beach because baka itchy and dirty yung water and after that, my friends took a shower and dipped in the pool, afterwards, sinita sila kasi naka-sleeveless raw sila ang bawal raw. So naintindihan namin yun kasi it might be part of the policy.. But when we were going back to our table, may nakita kaming mga babae sa pool na naka-sleeveless na grey ang red, so siyempre, umabot nanaman sa boiling point yung dugo ng lola niyo.. Ayun, kinausap ko yung crew na naglalakad sa may pool area and told him..

“Kuya, diba bawal mag-sleeveless sa pool?

he said, “Oo maam, bawal gaya ng suot niyo”.

sabi ko naman, “Eh bakit may mga babae sa pool ngayon na naka-sleeveless and hindi niyo sinisita pero bakit kami sinita niyo?”

sabi niya, “Sige maam, sisitahin ko sila mamaya”.

sabi ko, “Dapat lang kasi kami sinita niyo rin, ang daya niyo..”

at alam niyo sabi niya? *in a PADABOG TONE*

“Maligo na lang kayo maam! wag na maraming angal!”


So hindi na talaga kami nakatiis. As in..

So we requested or maybe demanded for a transfer sa Paradise Beach Resort which was only one beach resort away. Kung pro swimmers lang sana kami, nilangoy na talaga naming lahat. As in super lapit lang talaga but they charged us 150 pesos for that. Ugh. Kainis diba? Pero ok lang. Atleast hindi kami mag-susuffer dun noh. That place was like hell.

And the front desk murdered my friend’s name.. SUS GINOO!

Bottomline? Don’t go there.

I mean, I think mababait lang sila dun sa mga professional looking na mga customers. They expect us to look very professional? Heller. We’re teenagers having fun. Akala siguro nila wala kaming pera kaya ganun trato nila sa amin?! Ang kakapal ng mga mukha nila. Excuse me lang but we got dough. Kahit doblehin pa namin bayad ng entrance nila.

December 30, 2008 at 2:54 pm 15 comments

Utot lang


Masyado nang malapit ang pasko. Namili na nga ako ng mga regalo eh. Lahat na ata ng tao nakikinabang sa christmas sale kahit na yung mga hindi naman nag-cecelebrate ng pasko. LOL. Teka.. Alam ko na anong bumabagabag sa isipan mo.. Anong konek ng content ng blog ko sa title..

Taga-Davao kasi ako. Sikat ang Davao ng dahil sa DDS at MILF, pero mga chong.. walang barilan dito sa Davao, maliban na lang siguro sa mga trying hard na CRIPS at BLOODS “kuno” na nagpapatayan sa autoshop compound. Sikat rin ang Davao kapag pasko, dahil dito sa Davao, bawal ang paputok.. kaya.. UTOT na lang ang ginagamit para mag-ingay. Hehe. Di ah. Biro lang. Pero, seryoso, bawal paputok dito. Kung bakit? Tanong niyo kay Mayor Duterte. 🙂

Kidding aside, wala naman akong violent reaction sa NO FIREWORKS policy dito sa Davao. Okay rin naman kasi para naman di mabawasan yung mga daliri ng mga ka-Dabawenyo ko. Isa pa, iwas disgrasya na rin. Mas mahal magpa-ospital kesa bumili ng sandamakmak na fireworks. 🙂

Ay, siya nga pala. Merry Christmas sa inyo! 🙂 Nood na lang ako fireworks display sa tv.

December 20, 2008 at 6:16 pm 2 comments

Friendship complication

Before I entered college, the very first thing that bothered me, is if I would be able to find friends.

Sure. I’m approachable, friendly and all, but, to tell you honestly, I’m kinda picky when it comes to choosy friends, and I guess maybe, only a few talented people could stand me. I admit I’m extremely moody, extremely ma-pride and, I usually say what I want to say. No pretending, no excuses, just the plain truth. It’s actually a wonder on how my bestfriend was able to cope up with my complicated attitude. Even I myself can tell that I am complicated. There are times that I want to give up, but hey, it’s me, I’d go loco if I gave up on myself.

So here comes the friendship complication. Really, it pisses me off. Wait, lemme give you a situation. If your friend (who’s close to you and you always get to be with that person almost everyday) suddenly acts weird and suddenly gives you a cold shoulder, what would you want that person to do?


November 28, 2008 at 10:00 pm 3 comments

School Rant #1

I’m tired.

Seriously, the words that were in bold are the only ones that I want to blog. It’s a pretty ambiguous word but I know people would be able to figure out why. I seriously want to give up this very minute. I don’t know if I want to blame myself for still trying to continue the course that I currently have. My grades are not failing, but my heart is. Truth is, I only perform the return demonstrations for the sake of getting a grade, not for the love or curiosity of it.

Next week, it’ll be our return demonstration in BEDMAKING. I swear we have bedmaking. I don’t get it why nurses have to learn how to change the beddings and stuff, when it’supposed to be the housekeeping department’s job. Right? The return demonstration will already start on Monday, and I haven’t studied for even a single procedure.

I just don’t know if GOODLUCK could do me any good.

November 22, 2008 at 9:30 pm 2 comments

So long 1st sem, I’ll miss you.

I guess I can finally say goodbye to First Semester and say “hi” to Second Semester.

I got my grades awhile ago, and those grades aren’t enough for bragging. I’m not a straight-A student, though my parents want me to be one, but my brain just can’t carry the load, or I simply am just a slowpoke and a slothy person. But, I still can say that I am happy with my grades eventhough I wasn’t qualified to be Dean’s Lister.

So, atleast now, my feelings are a lot more better than a few weeks ago and I’m not anxious anymore. I won’t worry if I’ll be an irregular student because I failed a subject. Because I passed all my subjects and I will still be a regular student like! yeah! *rak’en’roll*

This simply means, I’m off to second semester, and God knows where I’ll be standing. Goodluck sakin! 😀


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