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What’s your favorite thing about Monday?

Actually, I know only a few people would have the will to ask this, well, maybe optimistic people would, but 98% of the world would probably just say “MONDAY SUCKS!” and 97% would probably respond with, “I KNOW, RIGHT?”.

But really, what do we really love about Mondays?

I know all of us can’t deny the fact that even though Monday seems like the worst day ever, we experienced this “I CAN’T WAIT FOR MONDAY” syndrome, well, either your birthday, a someone special’s birthday, payday, anniversary, monthsary was on a monday, you’d probably experience that. Well, for me, as a student, the most favorite thing that happens on a Monday is that I get to receive my weekly allowance on that day. *evil grin*

Though, we can’t deny the fact that Monday is indeed a tiring day since we still haven’t moved on with the fact that we sleep endlessly during the weekends, lucky you if you get to fully sleep on a Saturday and also grab the chance to snooze-till-you-get-dizzy on a Sunday. We don’t really have any choice but to accept that after Sunday, it’s Monday. You’d probably also hate Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday if they were the days after Sunday, right?

Well, Just a simple thought. 😉



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First time to be absent

Ever since the day I stepped in to college life, I never got the chance to be absent, well, maybe I was just this good student who really makes an effort to be present on a daily basis. Though, yesterday, I had a fever so I really have to cut my classes, but I wasn’t worrying about anything yesterday because my afternoon classes only consists of minor subjects, atleast I was able to attend my major subject in the morning. But today, I decided to cut my classes for the whole day. 😦

I sooooo have a lot of worries in my mind. Just like how on earth am I going to secure an excuse slip, there’s a return demo tomorrow on Catheterization and I missed two quizzes already.


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