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Rebellious? You sure?

I want this, you dislike that — makes me a rebel? It’s not what you think it is.




Rock songs, Metallica, screamo, emo music yeahhh!!!

– Kiddo, you are such a rebel. Why listen to those songs? Those songs are from Satan.

Black clothes, black jeans, tongue rings, bellybutton piercings..

– You look like a bitch, why are you so rebellious?

Arrived at 10pm from school..

– That isn’t the time that students go home!

Silence.. Silence.. Alone.

– Why are you being a rebel?! Get out of your room and fix yourself.

Teens — always labeled as rebels, but do parents really know what a REBEL is? It isn’t enough to call your offsprings a rebel when they like black clothes, listen to rock bands, go home late, etc etc etc. Don’t generalize it. Besides, teenage life isn’t as easy as it seems. You guys have experienced this, but why don’t you let us feel that growing up as a teen is pretty much different from yours? Haven’t you guys got drunk secretly? Haven’t you have secret relationships? Didn’t enjoy music and disco?

Not because some of us like black, heavy metal songs and emo hairstyles doesn’t really make us rebellious. A rebellious kid is the one who gives problems to his/her family in financial and emotional terms. A rebellious teenager is perhaps someone who goes home early in the morning or doesn’t even go home at all, doesn’t like black, but likes to be naked ALL THE TIME, a member of a satanic cult, brings home girls/boys and bang them, drink beer infront of you, and the list goes on.

So don’t be too sure of what you know.. Things change.. So does people’s lifestyle.


This isn’t an anti-parent post. This is just a plea.


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Is nursing for me?

Or am I just kidding myself?

I’m in a crisis. See, I don’t even know if I’m sure with the path that I’m currently taking, and for me, SHIFTING will never be one of my options. I don’t know. I mean, sayang ang time, ang effort, and money. Hindi naman ako pumasok ng nursing just because of the fad. Noon pa naman gusto ko na ‘to, pero parang nag-sisink in sakin ngayon na mukhang mas matimbang ata yung mga language and communication courses na gusto ko sanang kunin. Gusto ko naman talagang mag-masscom pero sabi nga naman nila, mahirap maghanap ng trabaho. So, okay, cancel na lang yung choice na yun.

Minsan, iniisip ko nga eh kung ano ang buhay ko ngayon kung masscom yung kursong kinuha ko. Mas magiging masaya ba ako? Mas mag-eenjoy ba ako? O papangarapin ko rin na sana nag-nursing na lang ako?

Di ko naman kinakahiyang aminin na nahihirapan na ako sa kurso ko. Kung sabagay, ano nga ba naman ang kursong madali? Lahat naman ata ng kurso eh pinaghihirapan upang makuha mo ang diploma. Pero, teka, balik nga muna sa kwento, mukhang off topic na ako. Pero, yun na nga, ang hirap ng lessons ko. Sa totoo lang, nosebleed na nosebleed na ako siguro nga wala na akong ilong eh, nadala na sa daloy at malakas ng agos ng dugo tuwing may quiz kami o exam.

Di ko naman talaga iniisip ang mag-shift. Ayoko kasi maging irreg na studyante. Marami kasi akong kilala na irreg na talagang hirap sa mga sched nila. Ngee. Goodluck na lang. Ang hirap ata ng taong nursing ang course tapos irreg. Isa pa, sinumulan ko na ‘to, kaya dapat tapusin ko na lang. Magtitiis na lang ako. Matututunan ko naman siguro itong mahalin pagdating ng panahon. (huwaw. ang keso.)

Pero, bumabagabag rin sa isip ko kung kelan ko ma-rerealize na para talaga ako sa kursong ito. Kung ano man ang na-realize ko, o kung meron man akong na-realize, eh sa susunod na kabanata na lang.. 😀

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It’s been a year since…

I got my heart broken..

You’ve made me stronger though 🙂

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Supertrish is now PHOTOBLOGGING


I’m still new with this stuff but I’m starting to love it. 🙂

All my best shots would be there.

I hope you could visit it.


September 4, 2008 at 7:25 pm 2 comments

Of moving on and letting go

“pero mahirap mag-move on…”

Ito ang sabi ng friend ko. Well, who ever said moving on and letting go was a piece of cake? Well, not unless you didn’t take your ex seriously. Diba? I’ve seen and witnessed a couple of heartbreaks these past few weeks and some of my friends come to me for advice like as if I was someone experienced, but yet, let’s just say i went through this THE HARD WAY and learned a lot and charged it all to experience.

And so i said that LETTING GO and MOVING ON is really not easy. Letting go of something important to us is definetely difficult. Maybe because we got used to it or it came to us as a need. But thing is, letting go and moving on is our choice. If our heart and our mind isn’t really ready to do it, then it will never happen. So if we want to move on and not be bitter with the past, we have to condition ourselves that we better break it free and start a new and refreshing life. You’d forever be bitter if you want to and you could always be happy if you try to.

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