Guerra dito, Bang bang doon.

August 18, 2008 at 10:10 pm 1 comment

This is depressing. Is Mindanao in war again?

“When will this EVER stop?”

I’m not fully blaming the MILF for this, but, who else should be blamed aside from the fact that GMA sucks at the moment?

I just came home from Saranggani, Alabel and I did love the place. Very solemn, very peaceful. But my daydream stopped when my Dad received a text message that there’s a commotion in Saraggani. I also saw the news awhile ago and a lot of families are forced to evacuate from their homes because the rebels are burning their humble abode.

Sino namang may gusto na sunugin ang bahay? Dugo at pawis ang puhunan para lang makatayo ng bahay, tapos, susunugin lang? Naman eh!

And what, will those foolish acts help them gain recognition? NO.

People will only hate them and hate them, and hate them some more. They are so inconsiderate. And then I thought that Muslims were family oriented people, but how come they would even hurt their own fellow Muslims?

I don’t have anything againts them but I just hope they know better. If this will not be resolved, I guess Philippines would rather expect a CIVIL WAR to happen.

One word for them? LAME.

Lemme spell that for you.. L-A-M-E. You guys bring disgrace to your God.


DISCLAIMER: This ain’t a RACIAL BLOGPOST so you feeble-minded free readers, don’t even dare give me goddamn comments saying that I discriminate.


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I’m trying. Can’t you see? Of moving on and letting go

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  • 1. jiMboY  |  August 20, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    It is nice reading a post tackling about the country’s ongoing situation. Meaning we still have the love and concern about our country. Well.. Of course we want what is best for our country. As for me, I dunno how to hold an M16 rifle to bang up with those terrorists. Or be like james bond to terminate them. It is prayers that we can contribute. Imagine if a million people would pray, with the same purpose? how is that?? It’s a heaven quake! LOL kidding!



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