The Backspace Button

May 19, 2008 at 6:35 pm 3 comments

 If only life had a Backspace Button, things might become easier.

Have you ever had that feeling wherein you have done something terribly wrong but you can’t ever take it back or do something about it? And how you wish that your life had a Backspace button to undo that bad thing? I guess we all do, but lucky for those who never had any regrets all their life.


A lot of us wish that we have those kinds of buttons connected to our life. A hasty and bad decision could vanish in just a click using a backspace button or a delete button. Or perhaps have more time to think of something and just comfortably push the pause button. And maybe, push the home button if everything falls out into pieces and everything just turned out bad and unexpected. I guess if we have these buttons, we’d live a carefree and problematic-free life. But sadly, these buttons only work for computers (unless you are a robot, you might have these buttons in you).

Nobody could deny the fact that we want the “easy way”, and we condemn the “hard way”. Well, I can’t agree more. Because as a matter of fact, I also want to do things the “easy way”, but the easy way is the shortcut to the kingdom of mistakes. Mistakes that gives you bad consequences. Bad. Bad. Bad. Though mistakes are aren’t all bad (I guess). Since you should learn from your mistakes for you not to do and encounter them again. And living a life full of regret isn’t healthy at all. If you decide on something, you better stand up for it, because every decision that you do, affects the person around you. 🙂






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