The Charmed One

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 The Charmed One is the Special one.


I believe in such quote. I really know it implies to reality, and yes, it happened to my life. I consider my special brother as a charmed one. Him, as a special child, makes me grow into a better person with a better outlook towards life. I consider myself being a semi-quitter. It’s true that I’m tough, but my toughness isn’t enough to face life’s trials. I often tell myself that God would be the one to take care of the rest, let myself become carefree of what might happen in the future. But NO, I shouldn’t because I have a life long mission, and that is to take care of my brother. Because of my brother’s existence, I learned to value life and blessings. Taking things for granted is absolutely wrong, because of my brother, he made me feel that I am luckier and I shouldn’t waste my life on crap. I knew I couldn’t put myself into trouble because if I did, I wouldn’t be of any help to him. God gave him to me to let me know I have a purpose and that I have a responsibility. As an older sister, I know that his life is in my hands sooner or later.

My brother is a special child, an Autistic to be exact. And I was never shy to admit to everyone that my brother is one. It’s something we shouldn’t hide, and for me, he’s something I should be proud of. Him, being a special child is quite extraordinary from others, though I know that each autistic child has a special ability, I still find my brother stand up among the others. He’s good looking, he’s got charm, and he’s talented. My brother has a talent when it comes to music. He could play the piano. What he hears on the radio, he tries to find the notes on the piano and play it. He’s also a perfectionist. I even consider him as an O.C. He likes everything to be in proper order and makes sure everything looks clean and organized. While I, on the other hand, doesn’t even care eventhough my cabinet is such a mess. )
Special children need special attention and care. That helped me become more sensitive to one’s needs. And how important it is to share your love, care, time and attention to someone. To me, my brother is a blessing in disguise. And yes, I am proud of him and I love him. )



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