Prom 2008

February 21, 2008 at 8:42 pm Leave a comment

super-happy.gif Oh yeah. Tomorrow is our prom!

Well, I’m not really that excited. But I can’t help but be happy. I mean, it’ll be the last promenade that I’ll be attending since I am already a highschool senior. Getting to experience prom last year might have been the cause why I ain’t so giddy about the prom which will happen tomorrow. Though, I am happy, since I am excited to spend it with my buddies, and perhaps, I would make it a memorable one. My prom experience last year wasn’t really that memorable. Well, maybe the most memorable part was the lesson that I got from experience. Which is to curse 3-inch high heeled sandals. My feet was hurting like hell and that was memorable.. memorable pain to be exact.

Well, everything is ready for my prom tomorrow. My dress was already fetched by mom at the shop awhile ago and my accessories are already complete. I’m also very happy since I had the chance to grab clip-on earrings. The holes on my earlobes closed already since it’s been a year since my last piercing and my earlobe got infected, that’s why I am traumatized by that. My earlobe swelled causing my earrings to go inside and my earlobe bled a lot. I thought the nurse was going to cut through my ears just to get the stud out. Heck. That was nastily painful. So yeah, I’m happy to finally grab clip-on earrings that are charming. I also have a headband as a hair accessory and a ring to wrap it all up. 🙂 And for this year, I’m only going to wear a 2-inch sandal! haha! *rejoice*






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