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super-happy.gif Mukhang masyado ata akong mahilig sa mga words na may -ific?

Terrific. Jumperific. Headerific.

Well, I’m simply very glad with my new header. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever? 🙂 I’ve been really dreaming of customizing my blogsite, but I just don’t have the “talent”. So, I asked a little favor to my panda, Paolo . He’s into these editing stuff and all these graphics thingies. And he’s really good at it, that’s why nagpa-cute ako para gawan niya ako ng header that would suite my new blog site. Super compliment sa blog name ko ang header. Katawan ni Super Girl, pero mukha ko naman. Haha! Oh diba? Ang ganda ko diyan kahit medyo seriousness yung itsura ko. Hehe. 🙂 Pao had been asking me what features to put sa header, and he came up with these outputs..



The first one was the tentative one. Since hindi pa namin napag-usapan kung ano talaga ang magiging font and magiging design ng text. The second photo is the final one. Isn’t it cute? He came up with a very enticing sub pa. “Pinaka makapangyarihan”. Haha. I wonder why he came up with that. Bakit nga ba panda? hehe. Anyway, I can’t thank you enough. Thank you so much and I love you to bits!! 😀



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yatta.gif Okay. So i did watch jumper this weekend. At first I thought it was a boring movie. But to my surprise, it was indeed a blast. You being your own time machine? Isn’t that the coolest? All you have to do is teleport yourself to a place you like, or a place you see in a picture. Imagine yourself being bored on a sunny day, and you want to have a picnic. So, you pack your snacks and teleport yourself to Egypt, and there you are, sitting on the head of the Sphinx, eating your heart out and relaxing. You feel like your on top of the world. How I wish things would be that easy. You know, travel that fast just to escape from bad memories, or maybe just out of boredom. Well, I guess you guys should just try and catch the movie yourselves. It’s kinda draggy, but it’s still hella cool. 🙂


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Prom 2008

super-happy.gif Oh yeah. Tomorrow is our prom!

Well, I’m not really that excited. But I can’t help but be happy. I mean, it’ll be the last promenade that I’ll be attending since I am already a highschool senior. Getting to experience prom last year might have been the cause why I ain’t so giddy about the prom which will happen tomorrow. Though, I am happy, since I am excited to spend it with my buddies, and perhaps, I would make it a memorable one. My prom experience last year wasn’t really that memorable. Well, maybe the most memorable part was the lesson that I got from experience. Which is to curse 3-inch high heeled sandals. My feet was hurting like hell and that was memorable.. memorable pain to be exact.

Well, everything is ready for my prom tomorrow. My dress was already fetched by mom at the shop awhile ago and my accessories are already complete. I’m also very happy since I had the chance to grab clip-on earrings. The holes on my earlobes closed already since it’s been a year since my last piercing and my earlobe got infected, that’s why I am traumatized by that. My earlobe swelled causing my earrings to go inside and my earlobe bled a lot. I thought the nurse was going to cut through my ears just to get the stud out. Heck. That was nastily painful. So yeah, I’m happy to finally grab clip-on earrings that are charming. I also have a headband as a hair accessory and a ring to wrap it all up. 🙂 And for this year, I’m only going to wear a 2-inch sandal! haha! *rejoice*





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confused.gif I’m bored. And I have come to a point to ponder on my country, the Philippines. Do I consider myself as nationalistic? Nationalistic to me is an ambiguous word, it’s a pretty broad word. Though, I can say that I am also nationalistic in the sense that I am proud of being a Filipina. You know, acquiring such an exotic beauty (whut?! lol!), having that kind of skin tone that most white people dig. Basically, I take pride in my nationality and in my race as well. Though, being nationalistic in my own country is kind of a different side of the story. I am proud of the beauty that my country has to offer, especially the hospitality of most filipinos, though the ugly side of it weighs in more on me, making me a bit less proud of it. Though, I pay due salutes to most of my fellow countrymen since eventhough life is difficult around here, they still strive hard in order to earn money to support their family for them to survive. Though I wish the government would do something about it because not everyone had the chance to study and majority of the population of the Philippines is under poverty. Oh God. Please do stop or minimize corruption. Enlighten them! 🙂





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MATH is fun.. FUN?

super-sad.gif Math is FUN. FUN with MATH.

Ito yata ang mga katagang di ko kailanman masasabi. MATH is fun? Oh my. What’s so fun with math? True, that you have to deal with it everyday, pero sa akin, it’s like an everyday curse. It’s something, that is always involved to you, kahit san ka man pumunta or kung ano man ang gawin mo. Bili ka rito, bili ka roon, may MATH. Sa katunayan, ok naman paminsan-minsan ang math eh. Take two.. Ok naman paminsan-minsan ang Math eh. Take three.. MINSAN. Kahit anong pilit iwasan ang math, eh di talaga maiwasan. Math is everywhere nga raw eh. Example na is kung makikita mo ang crush mo, o kundi naman makita ng friend mo yung crush niya, paminsan-minsan o kadalasan naman eh maririnig mo sa kanila ang mga katagang…

“Oh my! I so love that angle of him!”

“Ang gwapo talaga niya, help me get his number naman oh?”

“I’m so inlove, siya na ang center ng life ko”.

Yun na nga ang sinasabi ko. Kahit ano pa mang lumabas sa bibig mo eh talagang may kaugnayan sa Math. Ewan ko nga ba eh kung bakit likas na mahina ako sa Math. Pero buti naman at sa Math lang. Pero, kahit na. Major subject pa naman ang math. Kakainis nga eh. Bilang isang graduating student eh talagang dapat bantay sarado ako sa Math na grade ko, pero ano ba naman kasi talagang magagawa ko kung mahina ako sa Math. Hayy. Ewan ko ba. Kung sana makakuha man lamang ako ng katiting na bahagi ng utak ni Einstein. Baka sakaling umangat naman yung standing ng Math grade ko. Buhay estudyante ka nga naman. Di talaga matatakasan ang math. Ewan ko kung masasabi ko pang Math is Fun. Siguro mas better kung sabihin na lang na “Math is a need not a want”. *nosebleed*


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Philippine House Bill #88

feeling-punchy.gifWe had this activity on our CLE (Christian Learning Education) class to research about just and unjust house bills of the Philippines. One house bill struck me and I am totally happy that such house bill was implemented. House Bill No. 88 discusses about an act prohibiting the use of the word “Muslim” or “Islam” in print, radio, television and other forms of broadcast media to refer to any person convicted any crime or any unlawful act. A good example might be a bombing incident that usually happens here in Mindanao. Muslims have been labeled as “terrorists”, that isn’t really fair. I’ve been busy reading some articles about discrimination, from Adolf Hitler’s time until now. I guess it all started with the 9/11 incident. Muslims had been labeled as the total “war freaks”, labeled as “greedy with power”, but i totally don’t agree with such accusations. I really get sad when I hear people talk about Muslims in a very bad light. Most people use the word “Muslim” when something bad happens such as the famous destruction here in mindanao which is bombing. I often hear them say, “I bet the Muslims are the ones responsible for this bombing shit“. How could they be so sure? Why so easy for them to accuse them just like that. I don’t like it when people start to generalize things. When people start to generalize things and start to categorize things wrongly, the word DISCRIMINATION comes to life. People could have just waited for the media to spill out the names of the persons responsible for the destruction.

Do check the site here: House Bills


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Is it a date.. or no date?

feeling-punchy.gif Eto nanaman. Dumating nanaman ang Valentines. Labasan nanaman ng mga flowers, mamahaling chocolates at kung anu-ano pang stufftoy na kyut. Ano nga ba kasi ang significance ng Valentines? Sabi ng karamihan sa mga kilala ko eh araw raw ng mga puso. Araw na dapat ipahiwatig ang tinitibok ng iyong pumping heart. Pero para sakin, di naman ata necessary na sa Valentines pa gawin. Pwede naman kahit anong araw eh. Kung may gusto ka talaga sa isang tao, aba, wag ka ng humintay ng Valentines para lang sabihin sa kanya na mahal mo siya. Mahirap na, baka maunahan ka pa ng iba.

Ano pa nga ba? Ahh. Yung tanong na laging tinatanong kapag Valentines o kung malapit na ang Valentines day.. Ano nga ba yung mahiwagang tanong na yun? Ah. Alam ko na, yung “Uy, May date ka na ba?!“. Hindi ba lagi natin naririnig yan kapag sumapit na ang pinaka-unang araw ng Pebrero. Aba. Ewan ko kung kailangan talaga ng date. Di pa ako nagkakaroon ng ka-date tuwing Valentines. haha. Sa kadahilanang bata pa ako. *naks* Aba, yung iba, kapag walang date eh parang biyernes santo ang pagmumukha. Di naman para sa lovers at dating ang valentines. Siyempre, dahil araw siya ng pagmamahalan eh pwede namang i-date mo na lang ang sarili mo, o kundi naman eh sama kayo ng mga kaibigan mo. Aba, di lang naman talaga pang-lovers ang valentines noh. Kaya, hala. Pakasaya kayo. And remember, Spread LOVE, not WAR.


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