Racists of their own race

“I wasn’t being a racist”

Oh. Well all hear that. Usually whenever people start stereotyping through people’s race. It’s funny when people complain about most people being racist but actually act as racists of their own race.
Awhile ago, I was surfing through Twitter when I found a striking Twitter post from a random black girl. It said:

“#somefactsaboutme: I only love Hispanic boys and White boys. If you are black and I date you, it only means I do love you.”

I was like.. Really? Seriously?
I mean sure, people DO have their own preferences, but COME ON. Why wouls someone put it that way? Come to think of it, she’s a black girl. Could have atleast worded it correctly rather than actually letting people think that she hates being black herself.


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No space for bitterness

I can finally say that I’m happy..

With no tinge of bitterness in me. I admit I’ve been really bitter for almost 2 years which made my heart stone cold. I’ve come to realize that pain is a part of everything and it doesn’t only occur whenever you’re in a relationship. 🙂 Bitterness ate my whole being. I hated everyone, I hated men, I hated everything that has something to do with love. I always asked myself “Why doesn’t it work out for me?’.. And I said to myself..


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I just have to do it

Sometimes, you just have to let it go without thinking what will happen next.

It hurts to remove something that sticks on you like Elmer’s glue.

I called him INGRATE.. I called him a BASTARD..

I never wanted to do that. Never in my life did I want to call someone like that..

Until it dawned on me..

I know why I did it..

.. just for me to hate him and force myself to let him go.

I congratulate myself for being imaginative, and then I cry myself to sleep.

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10-day class suspension

Due to A(h1n1).

Most of my schoolmates were extremely happy when our President announced it. Others even jumped for joy and probably almost reached the ceiling due to adrenaline rush. I really don’t know if i should be happy about it because this only means one thing.. There probably would be lesser days for the semestral break and holiday break. Meeeh. Darn it. Darn it. Darn it.

Though, pushing through with the classes would also be risky, considering a couple of people getting sick. I guess this is all for the best. But, 10 days? What should I do? T_T

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My 18th birthday celebration

I decided to celebrate my 18th birthday party with the orphans of SMAC sisters. I was actually inspired by my close friend Shayla. Having been able to celebrate it with them and also with my family friends, very close friends, bestfriends and family was I guess one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my entire life.

Doing this isn’t just because I want to be the talk of the town, neither do I wanted to praised at, but rather, I have come to a realization that i had been living 18 years of my life receiving the things that I want whenever my birthday arrives. This time, on my 18th birthday, instead of me receiving, I want to GIVE and let OTHERS RECEIVE instead.

I know that I am so blessed. Good and genuine friends, loving and supportive family and relatives, so what more could I ask for?

My debut might not be that extravagant, nor one of the traditional ones, but I honestly and firmly say that this has been the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY THAT I HAVE EVER HAD. 🙂

This is an event that I will never ever forget. 🙂

Here’s a public link to my facebook photo album that consists some of the photos from my birthday celeb.

–>  18th birthday party photos


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I’m a kid no more

Got that right.

Happily turned to the legal age just now. Yep. 18th birthday it is.

I could probably say that I’m a kid no more. Being in the legal age doesn’t just seem to mean that I could freely do whatever I want. I cannot deny the fact that some advantages is knocking on my door right now, but I actually have to take resposibility of my actions because now, I can actually be locked in jail — if I did something againts the law or againts your human rights or let’s just say everyone’s rights. *Can I LOL on that?*


For those who would like to marry me, grab your chance now. *Hahaha. NEVER*


June 11, 2009 at 11:01 pm 1 comment

The word HALILI and KHO makes my ears BLEED


Don’t kid around me. You obviously know why [you are absolutely exempted if you aren’t from the Philippines though].

News reports, tabloids, newspapers and even online RP news feeds is probably filled with Halili-Kho extravaganza. Shame shame.

There’s too many things to be worried about but still, they have the limelight. So what if ever Kho goes to jail? Would it even make our country better. There are more people who is on the darker side than Hayden Kho who seriously needs to be brought to the whole country.

When will the world be a better place to live in where people would actually and seriously take economic crisis seriously. A big shame, isn’t it?


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